December 30, 2010

out in the open

i keep writing and deleting posts. for the last few months, each time i've written on here i've had at least 1 prior draft. the reason i keep deleting them and starting over with random nonsense is because the subject i keep going back to is my mom. i keep deleting them because they seem so negative and i don't want this to be a 'poor me' blog. but, since my mom has ever so prominently been on my mind since she walked out on us on july 28...i may as well just get it out in the open.

andrew and i both got texts on that wednesday afternoon from her. they said that she loved us and wanted to talk later. when i got off of work that text was followed by a phone call from my dad saying that my mom, all her things, erika, all her things, and the dog were gone. gone. all that my mother left for my dad (other than his things and the furniture) was her wedding dress and a note that said 'i can no longer live with you. i've taken erika. don't try to call or text us. leigh'

the next five days were spent with the rest of us trying to get a hold of erika (my mom had taken away her phone) or my grandparents (who said they didn't know any details but haven't talked to us since she left). five days later, erika was returned home. my mom had taken erika on what she said was a 'fun girls roadtrip.' it wasn't until they were 2 days in that my mom said that she was leaving my dad and not ever going back...which is when i got a call from a hysterical sister & we were able to figure out that they were driving to northern wisconsin.

since then my dad has been served with papers, and she wants nothing to do with the rest of us. now here's where i fight my urge to try and salvage this sad post into something more peppy, or at least nonsensical. but i'm not going to. not this time. there has been too much pain over these last 22 weeks/almost 6 months that i don't think needs to be hidden. of course there are more details, but then this would turn into a novel instead of a post.

i can see that this is a huge reason why we are here. i can't imagine not being by my family while all this was going on. it's been such a roller coaster that we're all going to have to deal with for awhile.

you'd think that after your parents have been married for 26 years she would have had the decency to at least tell him that she wasn't happy and that she wants to go live her little party life on her own. let's just say that i'm learning a lot more 'this is what not to do' things from her than you probably should from your mother.

there. it's out.

December 23, 2010

i just had a fantastic weekend. craig's parents came to visit! they flew in on sunday & stayed until tuesday night (craig's days off). we gallivanted all around the dfw metroplex and practically ate our way through the days. it had been way too long since we had seen them. i hadn't seen mike since february & jeanie since march (craig hadn't seen them since june). i feel so blessed to be a part of their family. it's always so much fun to be with them!

now, i finally found my camera & bought a new charger...and now i can't find the chord to connect to the computer. apparently my little blog isn't ever supposed to have pictures up on it. i was proud of myself for taking pictures though! i guess i'll have to update you all on what we did when i find the chord so that you can see some of them.


December 9, 2010

well, it's almost 9 and i'm about to go to bed. usually i'm not this much of a grandma, but i didn't get off work until 7 tonight and i'm not going to get off until after 8 tomorrow night so i figure it's ok. my managers are all out this week on sales calls/conferences which means that i have a lot to do to make sure that everything gets done on time. i'm not sure what i was thinking by signing up to help with work holiday parties this weekend...but hey, overtime is always a happy bonus on the paycheck.

a big reason of why i am so tired is because i spent last weekend in california! my dear friends erin & courtney surprised me with a plane ticket out for our 7th annual sub hub elf party! i had so much fun with the girls at elf party and i loved spending so much time with my friends. i was also able to go to lunch with my m-i-l jeanie on sunday before flying back home. :-)

craig and i have lived in texas for almost an entire year. oh. my. gosh. time went by quickly. we're just about 3 weeks away from hitting the 1 year mark, and i'm just about 3 weeks away from hitting the 2 year mark for being a vegetarian. eek! i don't really miss meat that much anymore...i think because it messes with my stomach too much. i can eat pork & bacon though. so i guess that means that i'm not a true vegetarian, but that's ok. there's not a lot of vegetarian options in texas, so it's kind of hard to make sure that i get enough protein.

ok. enough of my random.


November 19, 2010

jacque's baby shower

since most of the couples in our lifegroup are pregnant there are going to be quite a few posts about baby showers. we had jacque c's a month ago and it was so much fun! we had a few games, lots of food and there were some great gifts. i had to steal some pictures from jackie m's blog since she is the photographer of the up: jamie's shower that we just had in a fun little tea room in the decorators wharehouse.


November 12, 2010

4 months. 16 weeks. 112 days. a third of the year.

it doesn't matter how you look at it...that's a long time to not talk to someone. that's a long time to act like you don't care. that's a long time to hurt the people that were the most supportive of you. that's a long time for you to act like nothing has happened.

it's been a hard 4 months. it's been an insane roller coaster that has had too many ups and downs for my liking. i get mad at myself for being sad or hurt that she i don't think that she deserves my sadness. it really bothers me that when i see something that she bought me or reminds me of her and then i get upset. it's like this whole thing is always around me and i can't catch my breath.

it's been over a month since she has tried to have any contact with me (and even that was so minimal it's almost not worth mentioning) and even though i don't really want to talk to her right now i get mad that she hasn't even tried. it makes me feel unwanted by her, unloved by her. how can a mother be like that?

i can't thank certain people enough for being there for me & my family over this time. from old friends to new friends to some family to members of our church to co-workers...everyone has been great. i am so much more thankful that i am close to my dad, brother, & sister. i am so much more thankful for being a part of the maples family.

and now as the tears stream down my face and i'm not even sure why i am deciding to write this and post it on the internet, i'm saying goodnight. i could still really use your prayers (obviously).

thanks. love.

November 6, 2010

i really love fall. i love that the air is getting a little cooler (there's a fine line between cooler and cold though) and that the trees are starting to change colors. i really missed the colorful leaves when i lived in california and am happy that we will have that here. i woke up early (for me on a saturday) and made some chai and curled up with my kitty kitties on the couch with a blanket. i was actually surprised when they both hopped up on the couch to snuggle me. they are really sweet cuddly cats, but on their terms. :-)

craig and i aren't planning on having kids for another 2-3 years, but we can already tell that our 2 spoiled cats are going to have a hard time with new additions. we're also hoping to add a dog into that mix in another year or two (craig said our dog WILL BE a german shepherd and it WILL BE a boy dog and his name WILL BE chief...hahaha).
here are our cats on our unmade bed. coco's on the left and tobias is on the right. they're brother and sister from the same litter. craig had coco and i had tobias before we got married.


October 23, 2010

another thankful post

when it's been awhile since i've written anything and there's so much to say that i don't even know where to begin, i like to do a thankful post. it kind of sums things up...

~craig and i having a day off together!
~pumpkin spice latte's & frappucino's
~our lifegroup
~the relationship between me, craig, my dad, my brother, & my sister since my mom took off
~my cats (who just turned 3)
~craig pursuing his passions by going to paramedic school
~the great cuban restaurant we found in arlington
~our jobs
~catching up with best friends
~planning the nerdiest vacation (harry potter world & disneyworld!!)


September 12, 2010


i'm a proud cheese-head, and they just started off the season in a great way!!!

September 4, 2010


i figured that i need to write another thankful post. there are so many negative things consuming my life right now, but i have so many more positive things. God's really helping me to see the good things going on and is teaching me to rely on Him more and more.

~craig. his sense of humor, his servant's heart, his comfort, his leadership, i could go on and on.
~our new truck.
~coco and tobias.
~fun and colorful jewelry.
~my dad, sister, and brother being close by.
~phone conversations with friends.
~snail mail.
~craft time.
~a clean apartment.


August 12, 2010

that's all for now

that last post was dramatic. it's not that i was being overly dramatic either. i feel like i was actually being underly dramatic given the situation. maybe one day i'll tell what made me be dramatic, but it's kind of hard to writing down what is going on makes it even more real.

with that i'm going to try to turn this around.

work has been busier than ever! i've gotten crazy amounts of overtime the last couple of days. it's a good thing that craig's in california this week because i feel like i've barely been home. i love being busy, but it sure makes me tired.

random thing for the day: i found myself on an elevator with some nfl players today...well known nfl players. they are HUGE. i mean HUGE HUGE. the ones that were in the elevator with me were so tall and so HUGE. i know that they have to be that way because they beat on other HUGE guys for a living. i was more shocked by that than who they were. perhaps that's because i don't like the team that these particular players play for.

on another random and exciting note! i'm going to the world's oldest dr. pepper museum with some friends on saturday and am too excited. i love dr pepper and am excited for the roadtrip out there and the day that goes along with it.


July 30, 2010

*disclaimer* this post is NOT about craig

these last few days have been insane. they haven't seemed real; like they're out of a movie.

i don't understand. i'm so hurt. i'm so angry. i'm so numb. i'm so frustrated. i'm so worried.

a sweet friend put ecclesiastes 3 in front of me. it's something that i am trying to hold on to. it's hard.

am i ever going to accept this? will there be reconciliation? will anyone come out of this alright?

so many questions, and not many answers.

July 26, 2010


i wrestled with a few topics for this next post and a 'thankful' post is what i landed on...because there's been so much to be thankful for lately.

~a great new job
~a 75% pay raise
~a new truck
~a good home for the surf ninja
~craig growing into such a man of God
~being broken and humbled
~friends in california
~new friends in texas
~our cats
~having a garden tub...bubble baths are so great
~emails and letters from friends
~netflix (life gets a little lonely when you have the opposite schedule of your spouse)
~my relationship with my brother and sister
~dr. pepper

now, i know that some of those may seem superficial, but hey, i can be thankful for the little things in life right?


July 5, 2010


quite a few things are new for us right now.

~we bought a new truck! goodbye 1989 gmc sierra and hello 2010 chevrolet silverado. after a year of putting up with the surf ninja (loooong story) we decided to get craig a new car. he definintely deserves it. the truck is amazing. we got an incredible deal on the truck too which makes it even better.

~i start my new job tomorrow! i was supposed to start today, but hr forgot that it was a holiday. anyways, i'm a sales assistant for the omni starting tomorrow and am excited about it. it's a completely different career path and i can't wait to begin.

~random new experience: i got my first ticket today for speeding. :-( i totally deserved it and am actually thankful that i didn't get pulled over sooner when i was driving faster. when we moved here i figured that one of us would get a ticket because they actually follow the speed limit here for the most part. at least i went almost 8 years before getting a ticket.

~craig started his new shift with medstar and it sucks. he now works friday, saturday, sunday, and monday from 9:15pm-9:15am. he has to be a night owl and we're figuring out how to make the most of our time together. at least this schedule's not as bad as when we first got married and only saw each other for 2 hours a week. eek!


June 23, 2010

giving it up

isn't it so hard sometimes to truly and whole-heartedly give something up to God? it's easy to say that you will, but not so easy to do.

the last month-ish has been a trying one for me. craig and i have gone through a period in our lives where we were both being broken by God. and not broken in a terrible and mean sort of way, but broken in a painful, 'let me put back the pieces' sort of way.

i found out a few weeks ago that i could no longer do my job due to my messed up back. i've had crazy problems with it in the past, and it hasn't gotten better. in fact, due to all of the bending/sitting on the floor/lifting, etc that goes along with being a preschool teacher my back was going to get worse. after a stressful blubbering weekend i gave my director my 2 week's notice. my last day was on friday...and i held together for the whole day...until about 10 minutes before i left. my kids asked me if they could come home with me since i wasn't going to be their teacher anymore and when i told them that they couldn't they i cried. it was really sweet and really sad.

i was struggling a lot with why this happened to me. i have such a passion for working with kids and i know that i am good at it. after much prayer (from me and craig, family, and friends) i was finally willing and able to actually give God my full trust. He always has a plan no matter how confusing and painful it may seem.

well, like clockwork...once i actually gave it all over to God the new job opportunities came pouring in. in fact, it's only been 3 days and i have been offered a new and fantastic position. i am now an assistant in the sales department for the omni hotel in fort worth. i'll be assisting 3 national sales managers (who helped win this omni the sales team of the year award) book clients at our hotel. i am so excited about this great career opportunity and i know that God opened this door for a reason.

so, i learned a very important lesson these last few weeks. God is faithful and is worth putting all of my trust in.


May 22, 2010

craig's birthday

craig celebrated his 25th birthday at the beginning of this month. i can't believe he's 25! thanks to free airfare (courtesy of my mom being a flight attendant) and super discounted hotel rooms (thanks to my brother working at a fantastic hotel) we were able to have a great weekend in san antonio. we went all over the riverwalk, saw the alamo, went to the zoo and a japanese tea garden, and were able to relax. it was so great and i love spending vacation with craig.

April 18, 2010

date night.

craig and i are fortunate enough to be in a much better financial place than we were last year; thank God. since we have some extra $ we've been able to go out every friday or saturday for date night and it has been great! we've done the classic dinner then a movie thing a few times, we've gone on mini vacation weekends, and we've been able to explore some of dallas and fort worth.

last night we wanted to go out and i really wanted to dress up. i got a new dress from the liberty of london collection at target and i wanted to wear it. we were looking at going to downtown fort worth, but then remembered that nascar is there all weekend, so that probably was not the best idea. i moved my search over to dallas...specifically deep ellum. i found quite a few places that looked fun and just picked one: monica's aca y alla.

i picked the mother of all birthday/bachelorette/engagement/date places for those who love tequila. now, craig and i don't drink, but it was very entertaining for us to watch those that do. there was a live band complete with mexican rocker dance moves who invited guests up to the stage to shake some tambourines among other things. there were a few b-days and brides in the house so they started this huge conga line with all of them plus their groups around the restaurant and ended with everyone in the line getting tequila poured into their mouths. i'm pretty sure craig was terrified the whole time that the band was going to pull him up on stage. i would have laughed so hard, but craig would have been incredibly uncomfortable.

the food was good, the entertainment was hilarious and the company was superb. all in all it was a good date night that took us away from our usual. i love date nights with craig, but i'm sure that he'll be picking the next place we go.


March 27, 2010

in a nutshell

here are a few snippets of what has been going on in our lives...

~craig got the 5th highest score on his very first firefighter exam (out of 182 people) and will move on to the next step in the interview process...the physical tests

~i have been working at allison's clubhouse for 9 weeks and love it there. i have made a lot of progress with my kids and am starting to have a lot of fun with them.

~we are pretty much all moved into our place. we love it and the cats love it.

~we are loving our life group from our church. it has really been a blessing to get to know people here and meet with them on a weekly basis.

~we've been going to the church on rush creek since we's been so refreshing and uplifting.

~i'm trying to plan a trip to california to visit my friends some time in april. i miss them terribly.

~it seems like i've had a never-ending time of sickness the last month. i got a sinus infection that i'm sure turned into bronchitis. that whole thing lasted about 3 weeks. i thought i was in the clear and finally getting healthy until thursday afternoon when i started feeling like i was going to throw up. sure enough, right when i got home from work it happened, and i've been super sick now for the last 3 days.

that's all for my snippets right now.


February 12, 2010

snow day

i haven't had a snow day since early high school or junior high. well, today i got one. it started snowing early yesterday morning, and there was already a good 3-4 inches of the stuff by the time i got to work at 8:30. 5 hours later i got sent home because the snow was piling up and the roads were getting worse. we got something crazy like over 9 inches of snow in 24 hours which is a record for texas.

of course once i got home craig wanted to go outside and play in the snow, which we did. he told me today that he loves snow. i don't have the same sentiments for it, but it was fun to play in and it makes the area even more beautiful.

January 24, 2010


~we love texas

~i got hired at a great preschool. i start on monday and will be the main teacher in a 2-3 year old class

~craig's emt license finally transferred from ca to tx

~craig is in the middle of the hiring process for a few different ambulance companies

~we found an apt

~we have a church that we love

~free rent/groceries courtesy of my parent's letting us stay with them

~mine and craig's relationship growing even stronger as we go through all these changes together


January 13, 2010

our next big adventure

well, we made it. we got to my parents house on december 31st at 9:30. the drive was a very long and pretty uneventful one. the first day of our trip began at 6:30am and lasted until 3:00am the next morning. taking into account the time changes and such, we drove 19 hours that first day. the second day seemed to fly by since we only spent 10 hours in the car after a full nights rest. jeremiah was able to make the trip with us, and definitely made the drive much more enjoyable for craig (craigs truck doesn't have a radio or anything). our cats and turtle did really well. tobias and coco were afraid of the car for awhile on the first day, but they got used to it. we stayed at this dump of a hotel on our trip that they hated. you know a place is bad when the cats are ready to get out of there.

but we're here and loving it. it was pretty cold for awhile, but it's warmed up now. craig already has his texas driver's license and his truck's registered and plated. he's much more on top of it than i am. we got my car 'inspected' and will get it plated/registered in the next week or so. that has actually taken a surprising amount of time to do, so that's what we've been doing.

i have an interview for a nanny position tomorrow morning, so prayers for that would be great. almost all of craigs things for his emt license have transfered over so he can start applying for jobs soon. prayers for that are also greatly appreciated.

alright, american idol auditions are on. craig and i are loving this whole 'having tv' thing.