January 13, 2010

our next big adventure

well, we made it. we got to my parents house on december 31st at 9:30. the drive was a very long and pretty uneventful one. the first day of our trip began at 6:30am and lasted until 3:00am the next morning. taking into account the time changes and such, we drove 19 hours that first day. the second day seemed to fly by since we only spent 10 hours in the car after a full nights rest. jeremiah was able to make the trip with us, and definitely made the drive much more enjoyable for craig (craigs truck doesn't have a radio or anything). our cats and turtle did really well. tobias and coco were afraid of the car for awhile on the first day, but they got used to it. we stayed at this dump of a hotel on our trip that they hated. you know a place is bad when the cats are ready to get out of there.

but we're here and loving it. it was pretty cold for awhile, but it's warmed up now. craig already has his texas driver's license and his truck's registered and plated. he's much more on top of it than i am. we got my car 'inspected' and will get it plated/registered in the next week or so. that has actually taken a surprising amount of time to do, so that's what we've been doing.

i have an interview for a nanny position tomorrow morning, so prayers for that would be great. almost all of craigs things for his emt license have transfered over so he can start applying for jobs soon. prayers for that are also greatly appreciated.

alright, american idol auditions are on. craig and i are loving this whole 'having tv' thing.


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