June 23, 2010

giving it up

isn't it so hard sometimes to truly and whole-heartedly give something up to God? it's easy to say that you will, but not so easy to do.

the last month-ish has been a trying one for me. craig and i have gone through a period in our lives where we were both being broken by God. and not broken in a terrible and mean sort of way, but broken in a painful, 'let me put back the pieces' sort of way.

i found out a few weeks ago that i could no longer do my job due to my messed up back. i've had crazy problems with it in the past, and it hasn't gotten better. in fact, due to all of the bending/sitting on the floor/lifting, etc that goes along with being a preschool teacher my back was going to get worse. after a stressful blubbering weekend i gave my director my 2 week's notice. my last day was on friday...and i held together for the whole day...until about 10 minutes before i left. my kids asked me if they could come home with me since i wasn't going to be their teacher anymore and when i told them that they couldn't they cried...so i cried. it was really sweet and really sad.

i was struggling a lot with why this happened to me. i have such a passion for working with kids and i know that i am good at it. after much prayer (from me and craig, family, and friends) i was finally willing and able to actually give God my full trust. He always has a plan no matter how confusing and painful it may seem.

well, like clockwork...once i actually gave it all over to God the new job opportunities came pouring in. in fact, it's only been 3 days and i have been offered a new and fantastic position. i am now an assistant in the sales department for the omni hotel in fort worth. i'll be assisting 3 national sales managers (who helped win this omni the sales team of the year award) book clients at our hotel. i am so excited about this great career opportunity and i know that God opened this door for a reason.

so, i learned a very important lesson these last few weeks. God is faithful and is worth putting all of my trust in.



  1. God is faithful! So glad that you have seen this in your life! :)

  2. Megan! Thanks for following my blog! I'm so sorry to hear about your back, but it is so amazing how God is working through you and for your good. I'm excited to follow your new adventures through this blog :)