December 9, 2010

well, it's almost 9 and i'm about to go to bed. usually i'm not this much of a grandma, but i didn't get off work until 7 tonight and i'm not going to get off until after 8 tomorrow night so i figure it's ok. my managers are all out this week on sales calls/conferences which means that i have a lot to do to make sure that everything gets done on time. i'm not sure what i was thinking by signing up to help with work holiday parties this weekend...but hey, overtime is always a happy bonus on the paycheck.

a big reason of why i am so tired is because i spent last weekend in california! my dear friends erin & courtney surprised me with a plane ticket out for our 7th annual sub hub elf party! i had so much fun with the girls at elf party and i loved spending so much time with my friends. i was also able to go to lunch with my m-i-l jeanie on sunday before flying back home. :-)

craig and i have lived in texas for almost an entire year. oh. my. gosh. time went by quickly. we're just about 3 weeks away from hitting the 1 year mark, and i'm just about 3 weeks away from hitting the 2 year mark for being a vegetarian. eek! i don't really miss meat that much anymore...i think because it messes with my stomach too much. i can eat pork & bacon though. so i guess that means that i'm not a true vegetarian, but that's ok. there's not a lot of vegetarian options in texas, so it's kind of hard to make sure that i get enough protein.

ok. enough of my random.


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