July 30, 2010

*disclaimer* this post is NOT about craig

these last few days have been insane. they haven't seemed real; like they're out of a movie.

i don't understand. i'm so hurt. i'm so angry. i'm so numb. i'm so frustrated. i'm so worried.

a sweet friend put ecclesiastes 3 in front of me. it's something that i am trying to hold on to. it's hard.

am i ever going to accept this? will there be reconciliation? will anyone come out of this alright?

so many questions, and not many answers.

July 26, 2010


i wrestled with a few topics for this next post and a 'thankful' post is what i landed on...because there's been so much to be thankful for lately.

~a great new job
~a 75% pay raise
~a new truck
~a good home for the surf ninja
~craig growing into such a man of God
~being broken and humbled
~friends in california
~new friends in texas
~our cats
~having a garden tub...bubble baths are so great
~emails and letters from friends
~netflix (life gets a little lonely when you have the opposite schedule of your spouse)
~my relationship with my brother and sister
~dr. pepper

now, i know that some of those may seem superficial, but hey, i can be thankful for the little things in life right?


July 5, 2010


quite a few things are new for us right now.

~we bought a new truck! goodbye 1989 gmc sierra and hello 2010 chevrolet silverado. after a year of putting up with the surf ninja (loooong story) we decided to get craig a new car. he definintely deserves it. the truck is amazing. we got an incredible deal on the truck too which makes it even better.

~i start my new job tomorrow! i was supposed to start today, but hr forgot that it was a holiday. anyways, i'm a sales assistant for the omni starting tomorrow and am excited about it. it's a completely different career path and i can't wait to begin.

~random new experience: i got my first ticket today for speeding. :-( i totally deserved it and am actually thankful that i didn't get pulled over sooner when i was driving faster. when we moved here i figured that one of us would get a ticket because they actually follow the speed limit here for the most part. at least i went almost 8 years before getting a ticket.

~craig started his new shift with medstar and it sucks. he now works friday, saturday, sunday, and monday from 9:15pm-9:15am. he has to be a night owl and we're figuring out how to make the most of our time together. at least this schedule's not as bad as when we first got married and only saw each other for 2 hours a week. eek!