August 12, 2010

that's all for now

that last post was dramatic. it's not that i was being overly dramatic either. i feel like i was actually being underly dramatic given the situation. maybe one day i'll tell what made me be dramatic, but it's kind of hard to writing down what is going on makes it even more real.

with that i'm going to try to turn this around.

work has been busier than ever! i've gotten crazy amounts of overtime the last couple of days. it's a good thing that craig's in california this week because i feel like i've barely been home. i love being busy, but it sure makes me tired.

random thing for the day: i found myself on an elevator with some nfl players today...well known nfl players. they are HUGE. i mean HUGE HUGE. the ones that were in the elevator with me were so tall and so HUGE. i know that they have to be that way because they beat on other HUGE guys for a living. i was more shocked by that than who they were. perhaps that's because i don't like the team that these particular players play for.

on another random and exciting note! i'm going to the world's oldest dr. pepper museum with some friends on saturday and am too excited. i love dr pepper and am excited for the roadtrip out there and the day that goes along with it.


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