April 18, 2010

date night.

craig and i are fortunate enough to be in a much better financial place than we were last year; thank God. since we have some extra $ we've been able to go out every friday or saturday for date night and it has been great! we've done the classic dinner then a movie thing a few times, we've gone on mini vacation weekends, and we've been able to explore some of dallas and fort worth.

last night we wanted to go out and i really wanted to dress up. i got a new dress from the liberty of london collection at target and i wanted to wear it. we were looking at going to downtown fort worth, but then remembered that nascar is there all weekend, so that probably was not the best idea. i moved my search over to dallas...specifically deep ellum. i found quite a few places that looked fun and just picked one: monica's aca y alla.

i picked the mother of all birthday/bachelorette/engagement/date places for those who love tequila. now, craig and i don't drink, but it was very entertaining for us to watch those that do. there was a live band complete with mexican rocker dance moves who invited guests up to the stage to shake some tambourines among other things. there were a few b-days and brides in the house so they started this huge conga line with all of them plus their groups around the restaurant and ended with everyone in the line getting tequila poured into their mouths. i'm pretty sure craig was terrified the whole time that the band was going to pull him up on stage. i would have laughed so hard, but craig would have been incredibly uncomfortable.

the food was good, the entertainment was hilarious and the company was superb. all in all it was a good date night that took us away from our usual. i love date nights with craig, but i'm sure that he'll be picking the next place we go.


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  1. Hey Megan,
    Just came across your blog. Sounds like you guys are doing awesome in Texas. Not missing Haver Hill much huh? ;) Neither are we though.
    Enjoy TX!!