July 26, 2010


i wrestled with a few topics for this next post and a 'thankful' post is what i landed on...because there's been so much to be thankful for lately.

~a great new job
~a 75% pay raise
~a new truck
~a good home for the surf ninja
~craig growing into such a man of God
~being broken and humbled
~friends in california
~new friends in texas
~our cats
~having a garden tub...bubble baths are so great
~emails and letters from friends
~netflix (life gets a little lonely when you have the opposite schedule of your spouse)
~my relationship with my brother and sister
~dr. pepper

now, i know that some of those may seem superficial, but hey, i can be thankful for the little things in life right?



  1. i enjoy reading people's "thankful" posts. :)

  2. Awesome Megan! and Netflix really does help. :) Miss seeing you guys around.