May 14, 2011

10 things i am thankful for

1. craig taking last weekend off. we haven't spent an actual weekend together in over a year, and it was awesome. i felt so spoiled being able to actually see him and spend time with him for more than an hour.
2. my job. i love what i do, i love what i am learning, and i know that God placed me here for many reasons - to be an example to my co-workers, and to be able to provide for my family once craig starts medial school.
3. choir. i'll admit that i'm a gleek. i've been in everything music since i was 2, and it feels so great to be a part of it again. i sing every wednesday night, and sunday morning as a part of a choir. i have been blessed by being around them and by singing again.
4. friends. i love my friends in california and that we still keep in touch. i love that i've seen so many of them in the last year (here in texas and there).
5. lifegroup. i can't really explain how much i've been blessed by the couples in our lifegroup over the last year and a half. they are such fun and caring people and i am so excited that we are a part of this great group.
6. lifegroup babies. now, this may seem like a funny thing to be thankful for, but i don't care. i love our lifegroup babies. i love that i get to hold them and play with them and see them each week. i kind of have a low grade baby fever and this is holding me over until craig and i are actually ready.
7. my cats. they have such quirky little personalities and are such sweethearts. i am thankful to have them here with me while craig is working.
8. my family. it's been amazing how much we have grown closer over the past year. i get to see them 2 times a week, and it's great. we've all been able to come together through the last year of insanity and grow through it.
9. craig's family. we haven't been able to see them as much as we would have liked to this past year due to craig's insane schedules, but we have seen most of them a bit. i can't imagine being married into a better family. the love and support that they all have for each other is inspiring and contageous. even with us out here, we still feel it.
10. starbucks via. who doesn't love a $1.00 awesome cup of coffee?


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