January 22, 2011

on january 1, craig and i had lived in texas for a year. a whole year! i just can't believe that we've been here that long already! it feels so much like home here, but there are times where i laugh at the fact that i live in texas. i kind of figured that when i moved to california, i'd be there for good. we are loving it here though. craig has fully immersed himself in everything texas from country music (which i still can't listen to) to buying a truck to buying a gun and eating bbq brisket. it's so fun to explore around here since everything is still so new and this state is so big!

work for both of us is going well! craig still has a crappy shift (wed - sun, 7pm-7am) and is in paramedic school. this week he has off of work because he has 7 12 hour days of skills tests and practicums for paramedic school. after that, he'll begin his emergency room rotations and paramedic shifts on an ambulance along with working. he'll be just a little bit busy. i was a little worried about the fact that he'll be gone so much and i won't see him but, as it turns out, i'll barely be home while he's gone.

the hotel that i work at is hosting the afc team for the super bowl this year. that alone should tell you how insanely busy i am going to be. since i work in the sales/convention/catering department we'll be doing all kinds of things for the team while they are here. major overtime = major $$! i'm excited to be a part of such a huge event. tomorrow we'll find out if we'll have the steelers or the jets in house! the packers or the bears (hopefully the packers) will be staying at omni mandalay...and i must admit that i am going to be so stinkin jealous if the packers are there instead of with us!

other than work, school, work, and church we don't have that much going on. i seem like i'm never home, so days like this are nice even if it is spent cleaning our way too dirty home.

less than a month until my nerdy vacation with erin! harry potter world at universal and disneyworld!!!


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