November 29, 2009

christmas time is here

thanksgiving came and went so quickly. i can't believe that it is already the end of november. christmas time is here! i was able to decorate my christmas tree twice thanks to my cats deciding to wrestle under it/with it at 6:30am this morning. i woke up to a huge crash and my cats running for dear life. it would have been funny if i wasn't so mad at them. i thought they had learned from last year when tobias decided to take a running leap at the christmas tree from the arm of the couch. i guess not. luckily, they only broke 1 ornament that i can easily fix. the thing about the ornaments on my tree is that they are almost all handmade. the girls on my mom's side of the family have a tradition where we all make handmade ornaments for each other each christmas. i've been a part of this tradition for about 10 years now, and i absolutely love it. my christmas tree is so much more special to me because of what i am able to decorate it with. and let me tell family is very artsy farts. the ornaments aren't crappy ones that are thrown together haphazardly. they are so creative and well done. if you ever get the chance to look at my tree you'll see what i am talking about. under my tree are all the presents that we will be giving people this year. i know that i finished my christmas shopping earlier than the average person, but this is late for me. finishing on black friday is usually a no-no for me seeing how i am normally finished at the end of september. call me crazy, but it stresses me out to not be done in super advance. i wrapped all of the gifts super cute too! i am proud of my wrapping this year. i got great gift wrap at target in the $1 section and hand stamped names on the gift tags.

i've already begun watching the classis christmas movies (national lampoons christmas vacation, and rudolph {the claymation one}), drinking chai, and listening to christmas music. i wish it would cool down a bit here. i know that i shouldn't really be complaining that we are having 70 degree weather while the rest of my family is freezing in snow and 40 degree temps, but it just doesn't feel like christmas time when you can still get a sun burn.

there are so many things that i am looking forward to this december!
~4th: sub-hub annual elf party
~6th: disneyland with erin/v.i.p tickets to fantasmic (i'm sure i'll blog about this one)
~12th: our moving party (this one's a little bittersweet)
~13th: disneyland with craig
~15th: maples so cal christmas party
~18: my preschool's christmas concert
~19: randy's graduation
~23: glen ivy spa day with oreo
~24-25: christmas with the maples up in nor cal
~30: moving

as you can see, my december has really booked up. in between all of those events, i have work until the 18th. i am excited to not have to work at the most dysfunctional preschool anymore, but i am sad to leave my 3 year olds. they have become so precious to me and i really do love (most of) them. since our big move is a month away i still have so much to do. i've kind of started going through our things. i need to pick up the pace so that i can get it all done.
hopefully i will be able to update again before we move. if not, MERRY CHRISTMAS!


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