May 4, 2009


on friday, april 24th, manda, erin, and i headed out to palm desert for a little oreo time. it was such a fun and relaxing weekend! we got to the house on friday night and relaxed by going in the spa and watching a little csi miami. the weather was just so great on saturday that we spent almost the entire day outside. we sat out by the pool and rode scooters down through the neighborhood. that night we went out to dinner at cafe italia to celebrate manda's birthday. the restaurant is known for having singing waiters and waitresses, and is always full of elderly golf-loving couples. we were by far the youngest ones there, but we still had a lot of fun! we went back to the house after dinner to set a few little things up for manda. the three of us spent the rest of the night eating cupcakes, talking, and smoking cigars. it was such a great weekend for the three of us to spend some time together and catch up a bit more.

after getting back home i unpacked and then packed for my trip to dallas. my mom was having sinus surgery on monday, and i was going to keep her company. she was pretty out of it at times, but other than that she was normal. it was good to see my family again so soon. on the flight back home i noticed that i recognized a passenger that got on the plane. it was owen wilson. yep. the movie start himself. he was only on the plane from dallas to austin, but hey...i was a mere 2 inches from owen wilson. the rest of the flight i was occupied by 'the undomestic goddess' by sophie kinsella (whom i love) and dewey (the famous library cat).

i got back from dallas on thursday at 4:30, sat in traffic for nearly 2 hours, got back about 10 minutes before craig, unpacked from dallas, packed for san diego, and then craig and i were on our way. i booked us a hotel room in san diego on thursday night, and then i got us tickets to the wild animal park for friday. craig's 24th birthday was on saturday so we got a head start on celebrating his birthday. the park was so much fun. we walked the whole park and got to see so many animals. we had a lot of fun, and i am so glad that craig enjoyed the trip. on saturday he had to work-and of course he didn'g get off on time-so when he came home i made him a home cooked meal and watched a movie. then on sunday (after a lot of cleaning) we went out to dinner at lucille's with craig's family. lucille's is always a good choice with craig. after dinner we had everyone over for some cake and more hang-out time.

now, i am finally back home and things are back to normal. well, as normal as it can be at the moment. :-)

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