April 23, 2009

fresh start

craig and i are moving to fullerton. it all happened pretty fast. we went to check out the apartment complex on wednesday and then went back on friday to sign the papers. we hadn't even been talking about moving from our apartment. we like it here, but rent's a bit expensive and they won't lower it at all. there are a few other not-so-good things about our complex too...like: one of our neighbors smokes pot in the courtyard on sunday nights/monday mornings and it's so strong that it wakes us up, my car got broken into in the gated parking lot, and we're kind of far from the people that we want to be closer to. it's kind of funny because the complex we are moving to is going to make us so much closer to craig's family, and our biola friends which will be fantastic. we're also going to be 1 floor above our friends courtney and woody. we are really looking forward to this move and all that comes along with it. we really want to take advantage of the community that we will have while we live in fullerton before we move to who knows where.

since we are planning on moving, i'm looking for another job. i definitely did not want to stay at forever 21 for that long. don't get me wrong though; i am so thankful that i got that job and that i got promoted to something that i enjoy. it's just that with my back injury and the fact that i'm 22, it's just not the place for me to be. i've applied to dozens (yes dozens) of administrative assistant jobs. i actually love doing that kind of work. for some reason filing, copying, and answering the phones is enjoyable to me. and, i'll be able to sit most of the day which would be great for my grandma back.

i am definitely looking forward to some change. i have had a hard last couple of months and i feel like this is going to be a fresh start for me. i am looking forward to some consistency, stability, community, and getting to live in orange county instead of los angeles county.

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