July 26, 2009

northwoods and weddings galore

apparently the last month of my life has been busy. i've meant to update this quite a few times, but never quite got around to it.

vacation was so much fun! it was so great to be with my family up in the northwoods. that side of the family gets along so well and is always a lot of fun to be around. we went all over the woods of wisconsin and michigan while we were there. we hiked around bond falls, had a bonfire, cooked out by a lake, went to an indian casino (which was so funny) and hung out together. it was exciting to see how big my cousin's son is! joshua is a little over 1 year old now and he was running all over the place. hopefully next summer craig and i will be able to stay up there for more than a week.

getting back to la took us way too long. there were torrential downpours and tornadoes touching down at the chicago airports. it took us 2 rental cars, 7 cancelled flights, a hotel, 8 hours of driving, and 3 airports to finally make it home after 40 hours of trying. it was definitely an interesting end to our vacation. craig ended up having to miss a day of work because the weather was so terrible, but his bosses were pretty understanding since you can't do anything about the weather.

this summer has been full of weddings. in fact, i just got back from my 6th wedding last night.
~courtney & andrew~may 8, 2009
~jennifer & justin~may 15, 2009
~carrie & justin~may 30, 2009
~rachel & jonathan~june 27, 2009
~kolbey & dan~july 10, 2009
~sara & kyle~july 25, 2009

it has been really fun to see how different each wedding has been. you can really see the personalities of each couple in their wedding. weddings are always a so much fun anyways because it gives everyone an excuse to hang out and dance! all of us sub-hub girls love dancing the night away at weddings. we've got some pretty great dance moves. ;-) weddings have been taking up the majority of my weekends this summer. from traveling for them to coordinating kolbey's, they have all been so much fun.

i'm getting ready to go to texas for a couple of days this week. i'm checking out a few things while i'm there, and it'll be nice to spend some time with my family. craig has picked up a few shifts this week, and any free time that he'll have he's going to spend fixing up our junk truck. say goodbye to the bright orange paint and hello to black paint.

ok, that's enough updating for now. i'll try to update again soon with more details.


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