June 3, 2009

more updates

quite a bit has happened since my last post. surprise surprise. craig and i have moved into our new apartment and are finally settling in. we really love this new place. it seems more homey for some reason. maybe it's the fact that i was able to paint a wall. color adds so much, and after having nothing but white walls for the past 5 years i am so stoked about this. it is so great to be living close to so many more people. i haven't lived this close to any of my friends in 2 years. i love it.

we still don't have our orange truck. we're hoping to get it back tonight...but we'll see. haha. it seems like we will never get that thing. we really need to get 'surf ninja' off of the side so that we won't be as embarrassed to drive that piece around.

i was finally able to go to the chiropractor last friday! unfortunately i have more wrong with me than i thought. :-( i have a pinched nerve and compressed disc in my back (which i already new) and i have a pinched nerve and compressed disc in my pelvis which is causing it to be unaligned. lovely. i had laser therapy done on it which didn't hurt, but afterwards the technician had to work out the muscle and that caused me the most pain i have ever felt. it was so awful. i haven't really been able to move since then. hopefully now corporate will approve my claim so that i can get everything worked out. the chiropractor thinks that i'll have to get treatments 2 times a week for 1-2 months to fix my hips, and then 2-3 times a week for 6-8 weeks to fix my back. i have a long road ahead of me. i'd just like to be fixed.

we are now 1/2 way through sub-hub wedding season. so far they have been so much fun, and have all been unique to the couple. i can't wait to be able to go to the rest. it is so fun to be able to support my friends as they embark on this great new part of their lives. they've all been so supportive of me and craig this past year, and i love being able to return the favor.

on that note, craig and i have been married for over 11 months now. we're only 25 days away from our 1 year anniversary! it has really flown by!

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  1. post pictures of the new place when you have it set up! :D

    - Laura